Migrating to SBT 0.11.2 with Plugins

Migrating to SBT 0.11.2 with Plugins

So i’m working on a scala project that used simple-build-tool (sbt) 0.11.1 and had a plugin, which resided in a plugins/ folder (in project/plugins/). Well, the plugins folder mechanism is deprecated in sbt 0.11.2, so when i modified my project/build.properties file to use 0.11.2, i got the following message starting up sbt:

$ sbt
[warn] Using project/plugins/ is deprecated for plugin configuration (path/to/your/project).
[warn] Put .sbt plugin definitions directly in project/,
[warn]   .scala plugin definitions in project/project/,
[warn]   and remove the project/plugins/ directory.

Well, looking in project/plugins/ i see:


But the sbt warning told me to do something with project/project (the message is excellently obtuse, to prevent me from becoming too dull). Alright, so I happened to be doing this upgrade because I wanted to try out the sbteclipse module for generating eclipse project files. It directed me to create a project/plugins.sbt file and put stuff in there. So… connecting the dots, I copied projects/plugins/project/ to project/project, and copied the contents of projects/plugins/build.sbt to projects/plugins.sbt, where the sbteclipse config resided.

Starting up sbt again seemed to find everything and install the sbteclipse plugin properly!

Great success.