Per-Application Scrollbars for OS X Lion (10.7)!

OS X Lion has a nice new feature for automatically hiding scrollbars. Well… some people think it’s nice. However, only being able to have it apply to the entire system, for all applications is a bit limiting. I created a little application that lets you manage how scrollbars are shown on a per application basis. This way, if you generally like no scrollbars unless you are scrolling but want to see them when you are editing text (TextEdit, Pages, TextMate, etc…) now you can! I’ll put the source up eventually.

UPDATE 3: Application is now available on!

UPDATE 2: Project is now open-source and available on BitBucket

UPDATE: Cleaned up app and fixed some minor issues. Download new version here: Download Lion Scrollbars v0.2.1 Screenshot v0.2.1

Lion Scrollbars v0.2.1 Download Lion Scrollbars v0.2 (OLD) Screenshot v0.2