GWT development mode on OS X Lion (10.7) even with Safari 5.1

Basically, at the time of writing you can’t actually do this with Safari 5.1. However you can still use Safari 5.0.5, which does support the plugin. This thread has a detailed explanation of the problem, so I won’t go into it. You can read through the thread to find the solution, or follow the below steps:

  • Install Pacifist
  • Download Safari 5.0.5
  • Use Pacifist to extract the Contents/ file someplace, such as your Desktop.
  • I then renamed to Safari, modified the Contents/Info.plist to make the running name match (Change line 463 for the key CFBundleName to a value of your liking), copied the app package into /Applications, and further wrote over Contents/compass.icns with the following file to make the icon look retro (so I know at a glance its the old version). I put the file up so others can use it too. Retro Safari.icns

Retro Safari.icns